Within the digital altars of the Internet, new religions have begun to emerge. The Beta Testers eagerly awaiting their next TestFlight. Nightly devotionals are held behind the closed sacred doors of Clubhouse. And the once politically persecuted TikTokers participate in algorithmically coordinated rituals together.

Another group of tinkerers, scholars, and explorers have claimed to be a part of another religion: the #roamcult . These “Believers” — as they’ve ordained themselves — shun the glossy services that have become the standard for other new religions.

An optimistic manifesto for the future of work

When I sat down and wrote the first lines of code for Teem, I never could have imagined the floodgates we were opening in the world. Over the last 4 years, I’ve been able to meet with incredible individuals who all agree that the workplace is undergoing a rapid and unprecedented revolution. With a huge dose of humility, and an even greater sense of honor, Teem is often cited as being at the forefront of the Future of Work.

Building the future of work together

In internal company messages I’ve sent out over the years to our team at Teem, I always end with the sign-off, “The future is amazing!” Despite my cheeky catchphrase, the reality is that to date and every step of the way we have continually validated that the future is even better than we ever could’ve imagined. Since the beginning, our essential and critical mission has been to build software that powers the workplace of the future by connecting people, places, and technology in an increasingly isolated world. …

My solve for the infamous hidden treasure

Backburning on Falls fire; Kathy Peterson; July 1988; Ground fire; NPS.gov

“Life adventures are like thunderstorms. It gets dark, the wind blows, everyone runs for cover. A few people get wet . . . then it’s gone, until the next one. And the survivors are those with the biggest umbrella.” — Forrest Fenn

Note: I’ve been asked to give a warning that some content below can be triggering to individuals who are sensitive to topics like: child abuse, death, and rape. This is a story of my life threaded into the story of a treasure hunt, and it can be familiar and intense at moments. I understand that it’s a story…

Last month I was moderating a Teem Workplace Experience ( WX ) Panel at Box, an event where we invite IT & Facilitates professionals to listen to their peers share insight about their culture, process, and overall workplace. During Q&A, an audience member asked, “How does Box manage internal IT/Facilities Support Tickets?”.

It quickly became a share-all about the pros and cons of Atlassian’s Service Desk, ZenDesk, and ServiceNow. After a few minutes of lively discussion, I shared how we did Helpdesk at Teem . . . we only use Slack.

I could quickly tell that this was an “aha…

Slack is the way we communicate at Teem. In the first chapter of the Zen and the Art of Distraction, I’ll explain how that came to fruition.

Zen and the Art of Distraction

In 2015 I completed my 200HR Yoga Instructor certification, which has become an incredibly valuable font of knowledge as a startup co-founder. During my time in yoga teacher training, we discussed the concept of attaining enlightenment, the ongoing process of understanding that starts over the moment you reach a form of it. Micah, my mentor, explained that achieving enlightenment is like a wheel. On the yoga-specific wheel are six types of yoga, which ancient yogis believed would help people work holistically on bettering themselves and become enlightened.

Likewise, there are key software tools that startups use that can lead to…

Weave HQ, Salt Lake City

For decades the workplace has been contained within a determined set of walls. Constrained by these dead walls stand lifeless desks, uninspiring furniture, stiff dated policies, and the faint hum of antiquated technology. Littered among the pained hopes of productivity is a workforce that is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The juxtaposition between apt users and their inept workplaces has inevitably led to diminishing draws to the physical office itself.

As leaders in Workplace Experience, it is one of our top initiatives to create a sense of place that is aspiring, innovative, and productive. After all — despite available alternatives — the…

An Ongoing Written Justification of My Laziness

One of my core philosophies is that any technologist worth their full value is lazy. I’m not talking about poor work ethics or procrastination or even half-assing a task. Those are unacceptable kinds of lazy. Instead, I’m speaking to the type of “lazy” where an individual recognizes repetitive, mundane time-sucking tasks and operate towards automating a solution so they can focus on more important work. To me, laziness and a desire to automate mundane repeatable tasks show a high level of self-awareness, creativity, and absolute mastery of one’s skills.

The Dull Task of Task Entry

Recently I realized I was repeating a task that in our…

Weekly Workplace Mixtape — Vol. 7

Listen on Spotify while you read 🎧.

So, this Workplace Weekly Playlist comes with a story, and it features original music by one of our own.

In November 2009, I emailed myself the lyrics to the King Niko song, “Katrina Sleepover” after I heard it play on the local radio station. I remember desperately transcribing the lyrics to myself as they whispered some unspoken truth inside me.

Now you wanna know, how it’s gonna go. I don’t think you’ll like the ending”.

— Katrina Sleepover, King Niko

In my personal life, I was lost, depressed, and lacked creativity. That night those lyrics sparked something inside of me…

Weekly Workplace Mixtape | Vol. 5

Look, here at Teem we work super hard to have the Weekly Workplace Mixtape out every Monday. Per protocol that was the plan for this week, in fact, most everything was in place ready to go — but then late in the afternoon on Saturday my girlfriend and I decided to go on a road trip at the last minute . . .

Wednesday, the camel. Get it?

We quickly packed, got in the car, and turned up ODESZA’s Meridian. As we discussed our first destination we both decided that Vegas would be the perfect road trip destination despite the 107 degree temperature. We cruised…

zach holmquist

co-founder of teem ( acquired by wework ) // certified yoga instructor

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